Bouvier Welfare

The Bouvier Club has always run a rescue and welfare service based on the needs of the dogs.

The welfare volunteers make no judgement on why the owners want the dog  re-homed, only on how to rehome it.

It has often meant collection, care and re-homing of dogs to suitable new owners who are always checked beforehand.

This successful and rewarding service is all done by volunteer members who give generously of their time and resources in order to help Bouviers in need.

A charge is usually made to cover costs, and the (ringfenced) Welfare fund is also topped up by donations and bequests.


Do you have a Bouvier that needs rehoming, or do you know of one? Please help us help the Bouvier by downloading a form and returning it to us, all in the strictest confidence.

Download a Word document

Download a pdf document

Adopting a Bouvier

Could you adopt a Bouvier?

The dogs that need rehoming are sometimes a bit older, or have a behavioural problem, (which can be solved), and won’t be a cute, fluffy puppy but a lovable Bouvier. To start the process please download a form and return it to us, and we can follow up from there, depending on your situation and if there are any dogs in need of new homes.

Download a Word document

Download a pdf document

Helping rehome a Bouvier

Bouvier Welfare are looking for Home Checkers for the placement of rescued Bouviers, this involves experienced dog owners visiting potential homes to check the suitability of the property for a Bouvier.

For further information contact us if you are able to assist.

All other enquiries in relation to welfare issues should be directed to us at

In Urgent cases.

If there is a need for urgent action please contact us on the hotline:

Hotline: 07949 798150 (night shift worker please leave a message)

Or contact any member of the Committee