Bouvier des Flandres Club of GB Championship show 13 October 2018

It was an honour to have been invited to judge at this Championship show.  I thank the committee for the perfect organisation and the exhibitors for showing under me and keeping such a nice atmosphere in and outside the ring.  Special thanks to the two lady stewards Gwen Beaden and Glynis Allen who helped me to follow the right procedures.

I was surprised by the number of excellent dogs in males as well in females.  They can easily compete in strong Bouvier-countries as, by example, my own country The Netherlands.  I later found out that some of them did attend at the Dutch clubshow earlier this year with really excellent results.  When I compare my findings at this show with those at the Dutch clubshow, I have the same conclusion: the breed has re-found the high standard we used to have.  Yes, I did see some dogs that could have been a bit smaller.  I did not measure them at your show but I did so in Holland and I can only say that size is not a real problem.  And yes, I do have have some wishes.  Not all dogs have the perfect harsh coat we are looking for, angulations could be more in balance (many have too strong angulation in the rear and detailed in the hock; that influences the movement of course) the shape of the eye could be more oval and some teeth could be stronger.  But, in the end, most of the Bouviers shown under me have excellent working abilities; strong bodies, and the very special temperament: calm, thoughtful and fearless.


Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog (1/0)

1st    Lamberink-Vermuelen, Mrs M’s BRYAN WHITNEY VD NEVELHOEVE; Nice 6 m old puppy, square & compact built, masculine head with flat skull, dark eye, strong bite, correct ears, correct front angulation, hind angulation could be a bit more, nice ribs, correct tail set, correct puppy coat, still a bit shy at the moment.

Class 2 Puppy Dog (2/0)

1st    Hill, Mrs T’s INGO-USHI VD VANENBLIKHOEVE; 9 m old impressive quality puppy, square and compact built, excellent bone and muscles, excellent head with flat skull and strong muzzle, parallel lines, dark eye, correct bite; well balanced moderate angulations, perfect ribs, topline and tailset, amazingly good in movement; coat still puppy-like but developing in the right direction.  Best Puppy

2nd   Jones & Gibbons, Misses HM & S’s MONCHER KARMA MAN FOR WISPAFETE; 11 months; still very much a puppy in body as well as in head; needs time to mature; dark eye, correct bite, angulation not quite in balance (a bit too strong in the rear), lovely harsh coat, nice temperament, very well handled.

Class 3 Junior Dog (1/0)

1st   Jonas, Mrs F’s ARMANI UTAH VD NEVELHOEVE EN ORAKEI; 12 months, owns enough type but needs to mature in head and body; looks a bit long in body at the moment; skulls needs to flatten, dark eye, correct bite, correct ear carriage; angulation not quite in balance, correct tail, very nice temperament, excellent coat structure and colour; quite a good mover.

Class 4 Veteran Dog (4/2)

1st   Clarke Mr D & Sutton Miss T’s CHEPAM THUNDERBOLT; 7 years old neutered male of maximum size, excellent square, compact body, ideal angulation, beautiful masculine head with broad flat skull, correct parallel lines, dark eye, perfect strong scissor bite, nice topline, correct tail carriage medium harsh coat, moves very well.

2nd   Jones Mr D & Jones Mrs D ‘s AVICE SENZA; 10 years, correct size, masculine head with flat skull, medium dark eye, correct bite, angulation is ok, back could be a bit more straight and the pelvis is sloping a bit too much, nice coat, moves very well for his age, shows a lot of temperament.

Class 5 Post Graduate Dog (2/0)

1st        Lang, Mr M & Mrs P’s CHEPAM IVAR; 22 months old male of correct size, square and compact built, masculine head with almost parallel lines, dark eye, correct bite, very good topline, correct tail set, balanced angulation, very nice coat, moves very well, very good temperament standing and moving.

2nd   Clarke Mr D & Sutton, Miss T’s CHEPAM XANTOR; 24 months, maximum of size, almost square, yet compact, very nice masculine head, dark eye, correct bite, almost balanced angulation, harsh coat, nice temperament, could improve a bit on the move, both front and behind.

Class 6 Limit Dog (4/0)

1st   Lambert, Eastham, Craig, Mrs F, Mrs M & Mr M’s DUTCH JR CH/WORLD JR WINNER/BENELUX JR WINNER/ALPINE JR WINNER AVICE AIRBOURNE WITH BOUVPILOT; 18 months, amazing nice bouvier male, correct size, square and compact body, excellent bone and muscles, excellent head, broad, flat skull, dark eye, correct bite, very well ribbed, ideal angulation, excellent mover, only the coat could have been a bit more harsh. CC and BIS

2nd   Jones Mr D & Mrs D’s NIKOLAEV HENDRIX; 3 years, of maximum size, a real male, strong bone and very strong muscles, eye could be a bit darker, bite is ok, balanced angulation, excellent topline and set of tail, very good coat, disappoint just a bit in front movement.

3rd   Lucas Miss M’s LANCE DIOR OFF THE EURISEVER MET SACUL; 3.5 years, of medium size, square and compact body, masculine head with almost parallel lines, medium dark eye, correct bite, well angulated, nice coat, very good movement. Could only be a bit more self assured.

Res   Shanley, Mr J & Mrs W’s CHEPAM YUMA

Class 7 Open Dog (3/0)

1st   Nichols Mrs, L’s NIKOLAEV UNICUS; 4 years, in every aspect a real Bouvier, could only be a bit less tall; body is compact, square, with excellent bone and muscles; excellent masculine head, with broad, flat skull, strong muzzle, balanced angulation, very good coat, moves very good and shows an ideal temperament. Res CC

2nd   Pierpoint Mrs C’s CHEPAM XCALIBUR GJW 17; 2 years old medium sized, squarely built, temperamentful male; masculine head with almost parallel lines, broad, flat skull; well boned and muscled, excellent ribs, angulation almost in balance (just a bit strong in hock), excellent harsh coat; moves very well

3rd   Bell & Lambert Mrs L & Mrs F’s CH BOUVPILOT SPRUCE GOOSE; 2,5 years old very nice male, squarely built, but should not be taller, very well boned and muscled, masculine head that could develop a bit more in skull, lovely harsh coat, excellent angulation, nice temperament, movement is ok.

Class 8 KC Good Citizen Dog (2/1)

1st   Jones Mr D & Mrs D’s AVICE SENZA; already described as Veteran Dog


Class 9 Minor Puppy Bitch (0/0)

Class 10 Puppy Bitch (0/0)

 Class 11 Junior Bitch (0/0)

Class 12 Veteran Bitch (3/2)

1st        Jones Mrs A’s CH/IR CH NIKOLAEV AMANRANDE AT ABBIVILLE; 8,5 years old female of perfect size and proportions, feminine head with parallel lines, flat skull, dark eye, correct bite, very good topline, well ribbed and very well angulated; excellent coat for age; moves very well and shows a nice temperament, does not show her age at all!  Best Veteran and Res CC

Class 13 Post Graduate Bitch (2/1)

1st   De Boo Mrs L & Mrs D ‘s ENJOY-PEARL VD VANENBLIKHOEVE; very nice overall type, still very youngish in head and body, feminine head with parallel lines, correct bite, dark eye, excellent angulation and topline, medium harsh coat, moves very well for age, could show a bit more temperament.

Class 14 Limit Bitch (2/0)

1st   Pierpoint Mrs C’s CHEPAM YMKE; 22 months, very nice type and size, very well proportioned, very nice feminine head and expression, dark eye, correct bite, angulation almost in balance (a bit too much in hock), correct ribs, nice harsh coat, very good movement, temperament is ok.

2nd   Lamberink-Vermuelen Mrs M’s UTAH-QUINTY VD NEVELHOEVE; 5 years old of correct size and proportions, feminine head not with ideal parallel lines, very good body, angulations could be more in balance, coat is too short to evaluate, good temperament and movement ok for age

Class 15 Open bitch (6/0)

1st   Rowlands DE & OA’s CHEPAM WINIFRED AT TRUETICKERTY; 3 years old very; very nice bitch of very nice size and proportions; lovely head and expression, parallel lines, flat skull, dark eye, correct bite, balanced angulation, excellent topline and set of tail, excellent harsh coat, very good movement.  CC, RBIS and BOS

2nd   Simmons Mrs W’s CH CHEPAM WORONORA SHCM; 3 years, Lovely type, very feminine, nice size and proportions, lovely head and expression, parallel lines, dark eye, correct bite, angulations are almost in balance, topline is ok, very good coat, moves ok.

3rd   Lambert, Eastham, Craig Mrs F, Mrs M &Mr M ‘s UK CH/DUTCH JR CH/WORLD JR WINNER/BENELUX JR WINNER/A;PINE JR WINNER AVICE REACH FOR THE SKY WITH BOUVPILOT; 15 months, shows an excellent silhouette, with the right proportions, is very youngish still in head and body, dark eye, correct bite, excellent angulation, coat could be more harsh, movement has to stabilise; lovely temperament.



Class 16 KC Good Citizen Bitch (2/1)

1st   Rowlands DE & OA’s CHEPAM WINIFRED AT TRUETICKERTY; described in class 15

Judge:  Dirk (Dick) Baars (NL)


My thanks to the sporting exhibitors who stayed to show in these  classes. Much appreciated.

SACJ (4,2)

  1. Hill’s Ingo-Ushi vd Nevelhoeve  (ATC: 10091184).  9m black d.  Good overall shape and balance.  Strong head for age, nice dark eye and bright expression.  Correct bite.  Well boned, straight front, chest developing nicely.  Complementary front and rear angulation.  Shown in hard muscular condition with well presented coat.  Good on the move.
  2. Lamberink-Vermuelen’s Bryan Whitney vd Nevelhoeve.  6m black d.  Very much a baby, but nicely assured at his first show.  Good overall body shape.  Well boned for age, nice head and eye.  Correct dentition.  Straight front, adequate shoulder angulation.  Nicely presented for coat and condition.  A little unsettled on the move.


  1. Lang’s Chepam Yvar.  22m black d.  Not the biggest lad but masculine with it.  Nicely balanced and well boned.  Tends to stand a bit ten to two in front.  Head needs to broaden a touch.  Super dark eye and alert expression.  Good eyebrows and beard.  Nicely coated and well muscled.  Best mover of the three.
  2. Sutton’s Chepam Xantor. 2y black d.  Very full of himself today.  Excellent bone.  Strong masculine head with broad flat skull.  Dark eye, straight front, good depth of chest.  A little long cast in body and coat felt a touch soft.  Well muscled, moved well when he settled. 
  3. Shanley’s Chepam Yuma.   

SACO(12,4)  Nice class with quite a variation in age, muscular condition and movement.

  1. Lambert, Eastham & Craig’s UK Ch/Dutch Jr Ch/WJW/Benelux Jr Winner/Alpine Jr Winner Avice Reach For The Sky With Bouvpilot.  14m black b.  Eyecatching, with excellent outline and balance.  Strong, but feminine head, flat skull, good earset.  Well set dark eyes giving bright expression.  Correct dentition.  Well boned, straight front, muscular and slightly arched neck.  Good shoulders, topline and croup.  Would prefer a little less turn of stifle.  Coat OK for age.  Well muscled and in hard condition.  Moved with purpose.
  2. Jones’ Nikolaev Hendrix. 3y black d.  All male with good overall shape and balance.  Strong, masculine head with good flat skull, nice eye and expression.  Heavy eyebrows and beard.  Well boned with good depth of chest.  Complementary front and rear angulation.  Harshly coated and well muscled.  Moved well.
  3. Nichol’s Nikolaev Unicus.     

      Res  Simmons’ Ch Chepam Woronora ShCM

      VHC  Clarke & Sutton’s Chepam Thunderbolt

Mick Taylor