The Bouvier des Flandres Club of Great Britain

Results from Club Open Show 3rd April 2016

Breed Classes- Tan Nagrecha

BIS/BB: Nikolaev Cersei
RBIS/RBB: Ch Liskport Lady Luck
BD/BOS: Ch Chepam Tempest at Nikolaev
RBD: Gerwazy Bouvi-Buzi with Wispafete (Imp)
BPIS: Chepam Woronora
BVIS: Nikolaev Tanzanite at Orakei

JD:     1st Gerwazy Bouvi-Buzi with Wispafete (Imp)
2nd Nikolaev Hendrix
VD:    1st Nikolaev Aquilla
2nd Avice Senza
PGD: 1st Gerwazy Bouvi-Buzi with Wispafete (Imp)
OD:   1st Ch Chepam Tempest at Nikolaev
2nd Chepam Thunderbolt
GCDS: 1st Avice Senza

MPB: 1st Chepam Woronora
JB:     1st Abbiville Belle Visage
VB:    1st Nikolaev Tanzanite at Orakei
2nd Nikolaev Temperance
PGB: 1st Mullomm Elsie Rhianna of Chepam
LB:    1st Alsadie Kansas at Ladakhpass
OB:   1st Ch Liskport Lady Luck
2nd Ir/Uk Ch Nikolaev Osha of Wispafete ShCM Ir J Ch
3rd Ch Nikolaev Evangeline
4th Int Ch Pearl-Unique Vd Vanenblikhoeve
GCDSB: 1st Nikolaev Cersei
2nd Ch Nikolaev Amarande at Abbiville
Memorial Stakes: 1st Chepam Woronora
2nd Nikolaev Tanzanite at Orakei

SAC Classes Judge-Brian Everill

SAC J: 1st Gerwazy Bouvi-Buzi with Wispafete (Imp)
2nd Chepam Woronora
3rd Nikolaev Hendrix
SAC PG: 1st Mullomm Elsie Rhianna of Chepam
SAC O: 1st Nikolaev Cersei
2nd Ch Liskport Lady Luck
3rd Ir/Uk Ch Nikolaev Osha of Wispafete ShCM Ir J Ch
4th Chepam Thunderbolt
5th Ch Nikolaev Amarande at Abbiville

Results from Club Open Show 6th April 2014

Judge: Mr Derek Smith

Best in Show: Nikolaev Cersei

Reserve Best in Show: Kanix Orson
Best Puppy in Show: Moncher Smokey Quartz
Best Veteran in Show: Tierman Beryl ShCM

Best Dog: Kanix Orson
Reserve Best Dog: Chepam Thunderbolt

Best Bitch: Nikolaev Cersei
Reserve Best Bitch: Alsadie Kansas at Ladakhpass
Best Puppy Bitch: Moncher Smokey Quartz

Class 1: Minor Puppy Dog 0 Entries

Class 2: Puppy Dog 0 Entries

Class 3: Junior Dog 1 Entry
1st: Kanix Pallas for Bouvibear (AI)

Class 4: Veteran Dog 1 Entry
1st: Abbiville Avitus

Class 5: Novice Dog 0 Entries

Class 6: Post Graduate Dog 1 Entry
1st: Achleit Dafydd

Class 7: Limit Dog 3 Entries
1st: Chepam Thunderbolt
2nd: Achleit Dafydd
3rd: Chepam Tempest

Class 8: Open Dog 1 Entry
1st: Kanix Orson

Class 9: Minor Puppy Bitch 1 Entry
1st: Moncher Smokey Quartz

Class 10: Puppy Bitch 0 Entries

Class 11: Junior Bitch 4 Entries (2 Absentees)
1st: Nikolaev Cersei
2nd: Nikolaev Osha

Class 12: Veteran Bitch 2 Entries
1st: Tierman Beryl ShCM
2nd: Nikolaev Ursa ShCM

Class 13: Novice Bitch 0 Entries

Class 14: Post Graduate Bitch 1 Entry
1st: Pearl-Unique VD Vanenblikhoeve (IMP)

Class 15: Limit Bitch 3 Entries
1st: Alsadie Kansas at Ladakhpass
2nd: Nikolaev Evangeline
3rd: Chepam Tennessee

Class 16: Open Bitch 3 Entries
1st: Kanix Phoebe (AI)
2nd: Ch Nikolaev Amarande at Abbiville
3rd: Alsadie Kassiopeia

Results from Club Open Show 14th April 2013

BIS – Lambert’s Kanix Orson
Res BIS – Nichol’s Chepam Tempest
BOS – Lambert’s Kanix Olivia
BPIS – McKenna & Sykes’ Pearl-Unique vd Vanenblikhoeve (Imp)
BV – Partner’s Nikolaev Aquilla
Minor Puppy Dog – (0,0)
Puppy Dog – (0,0)
Junior Dog (1,0)- 1. Jones’ Achleit Dafydd – Pleasing young boy, strong in body and front, head is good in muzzle, more to come in skull and head planes. Accurate on the move, front and rear, at a growing stage so looks slightly longer in profile at present, good potential.
Veteran Dog (3,1) – two competitive dogs here 1. Partner’s Nikolaev Aquila – Compact with balance and power, nice through head, neck, ear and eyeset. He has a good chest depth, powerful body, great rear quarters with good width and muscle tone, carries a coarse and dense coat and won the class on the move from his stable mate. BV
2. Partner’s Ch/Ir Ch Nikolaev Raffles – Good overall impression in outline, slightly longer than 1 but for me the better head, jaw and strength. He has a good front, chest and coat cover, still holds a good topline and tailset. Not quite up with the movement of 1 today but enjoying himself and a credit the owner.
Novice Dog (1,0) – 1. Jones’ Achleit Dafydd
Post Graduate Dog (1,0) – 1. Clarke & Sutton’s Chepam Thunderbolt – Square, compact shape with the balance and angles. Good over the head, parallels, ear, dark eye and strong jaw. Good through front and strong rear quarters, still finishing in chest, topline OK and he’s good on the move with a balanced side action.
Limit Dog (1,0) – 1. Chepam Tempest – Impresses in overall size, shape and balance. Good type through head & skull, muzzle could be stronger in jaw width but powerful teeth and bite. Strong topline and body development, he has the harsh coat, he moves with a purposeful side and rear action. Stepped up to the mark in the challenge to take RBD and RBIS.
Open Dog (3,1) – 1. Lambert’s Kanix Orson – Special boy just coming up two years old, he’s square, compact and solid, balanced in head with a good width of skull and broad, powerful muzzle. He has the parallels, muscled neck and excellent body proportions. His outline shows a good shape with the width in topline and rear quarters, he has positive and proud action on side and rear, more to come in front as he grows and matures but top quality and free overall action. Was for me the outstanding dog on the day to take the class. BD & BIS
2. Wardle’s Tierman Cadbury – three years old coming into his best now with strong bone, muscled condition and powerful form. Still a little rangy overall but has the head, eye and earset, coat cover and topline, strong quarter and width of rear give him the propulsion, a pleasing, honest dog.
Minor Puppy Bitch (2,0) – 1. McKenna & Sykes’ Pearl-Unique vd Vanenblikhoeve (Imp) – Developing well although a little rangy at present, but more finished in topline, body and profile, she has the head type and moves with ease, carries the coat and size at this stage. BP
2. Laing’s Amberglen Aerin – Not quite the body or size yet but she’s compact, has the typical head coming through, with good work will develop to the overall size and balance, one to like on the move and impresses standing. RBP
Puppy Bitch (0,0)
Junior Bitch (2,0) – 1. Nichols’ Nikolaev Evangeline – Solid girl with the head and skull, good muzzle and parallels, strong neck & body and has the build through chest, topline and rear quarters. She moves with the reach and drive required, good coat cover, lots of potential for the future, growth and maturity is going well. RBB
2. Dallow’s Achleit Gofannon – Has the shape and is just more rangy and longer at present, will com together as she grows, she has the side action with accurate side and rear. Not quite the head of 1 or overall power yet but is well muscled and conditioned.
Veteran Bitch (2,1) – 1. Simmons’ Nikolaev Ursa – Lovely type, shape and overall balance, strong square outline with the feminine head. Strong front, body and good rear set up, she’s solid over the topline, croup and muscled rear quarters, she moves with that powerful free and easy stride.
Post Graduate Bitch (2,0) – 1. Pickering’s Gelliron Carys at Bouvibear – Just coming through that junior stage, has the shape and balance, good over head, neck and front, not quite the body or width over the top yet but has excellent quarters and can move.
2. Brown’s Chepam Tennessee – Great type in head and outline, with the nect body and balance, good strength and move easily, has a bit more to do in development yet.
Limit Bitch (4,2) – 1. Lambert’s Kanix Olivia – What a beautiful, compact powerfully built girl, she has the size, the shape and the balance. Good angles front and rear, typical head of width and length, muscled neck, good proportions, topline, condition and coat with the muscle tone. Moved to win the class. BB & BOS
2. Howes’ Alsadie Kansas at Ladakhpass – Loved the power and balance, great head, width and strength, nice eye and ear set. Has the build in body and chest, with good rear quarters, carries an abundant coat, coarse and harsh. Lots of width over lin but moves well side and rear, just front to tighten and strengthen, well handled.
Open Bitch (3,1) – 1. Pierpoint’s Chepam Serenade – Short and square with the slope on topline, she has strong bone, good overall in head with the eye, nose and jaw, muscled neck, strong body and good rear quarter width, has the strength and stride on the move.
2. Jones’ Nikolaev Amarande at Abbeville – Pleasing young lady with the head type with appeals, good overall power, slightly longer in topline at this stage of growth, has the bone in balance with the movement and coat, attracts in attitude and going well.