6th March 2014

Bouvier des Flandres

Judge; Cheryl Pierpoint

My thanks to the Crufts Committee for inviting me to judge at the Worlds Prestige Show and helping to make it such a memorable day. My thanks to the exhibitors from the UK and Overseas for giving me the opportunity to judge your dogs. What a thrill to have so many top class Bouviers under one roof. It was the ultimate for me as a breeder, exhibitor & judge to be given this honour.

The quality was superb. In many classes they were so very close on placing’s. In particular the Open Dog & Bitch classes were incredibly tight. In Open dog even some of the unplaced were super dogs. The bitch ‘line up’ had females that will surely have tickets already or certainly will in the future. All excellent examples of the Breed. The puppy classes also augured well for the future in the quality of construction & type. I was thrilled with my Best Dog & Bitch. Even more so when the Bouvier was shortlisted in the Group.

Attention to presentation was the best I have seen. Our Breed is a working breed but when we go to a show, we should make the most of their qualities. That said, it is possible to present a Bouvier in an attractive way but retain the harsh double coat that is so important from its origins. Some, now present their dogs with huge, soft, poodle like coats. It is not correct. Why change what was created originally for good reason. When judging though, sometimes it is impossible to avoid placing dogs with ‘fluffy’ coats. My Top winners all had excellent quality Bouvier coats.

Movement was generally good, with outstanding movement from some exhibits but of course the whole picture has to be considered. Only awarding top places to ‘movers’ will not produce a Breed. Thankfully there was hardly any springy over striding to be seen, another trait that has crept into many breeds.

Thank You all for making it a special day.

Veteran Dog

Veteran Dog…3 (1) 1. Jones – ABBIVILLE AVITUS – 7 yrs. In good condition for his age. Good type. Strong, masculine head with broad, flat skull. Strong, deep body with ample bone & spring of rib. Coat ok for age. Moved very well. 2. Hamilton – AMORAK ARANAZE – 9 yrs. Tall chap but well balanced. Masculine head with good shaped eyes giving lovely expression. Strong neck & deep chest. Good bone. Level back.
Well up on legs. Coat a little flat.

Spec Puppy Dog

Spec Puppy Dog; 3(0) 1. McKenna – NIKOLAEV TYRION AT DAVDEIR –Excellent type. Masculine & impressive with well- developed flat skull & broad muzzle. Filled in under the eye. Good ear set. Wide scissor bite with large elements. Strong neck into nicely angulated shoulders. Deep, well sprung ribs. Super bone & substance. Strong backline. Broad croup. Excellent thick, harsh, double coat. Moved well for age with plenty of power. Exciting prospect for the future. BEST PUPPY 2. Zwofferink – KINGSLEY FROM THE DOGSFARM – Lovely type. Very well balanced with good outline. Less mature all round than 1. Correct skull to muzzle ratio with balanced width in skull & muzzle. Excellent fore-chest. Good height at withers. Very good top-line & underline.

Correct angulation. Coat very soft at the moment. Moved very well, all ways. Handled to best advantage. 3. Burnett – OPUS MON CHER KLEMENTYNA Z FLANDRYJSKIEGO GNIAZDA – Good type but immature & at gangly stage.

Head still to develop. Good neck & shoulders. Good outline & top line.

Very good body. Coat soft but well presented. Moved quite well in front and side gait but needs to tighten up in the rear.

Spec Junior Dog

Spec Jnr Dog ; 1 1. Mateova – QUINT ZENNAH V/D VANENBLIKHOEVE JCH – Very good type of correct size. At teenage stage but balanced. Broad, flat skull with correct foreface. Parallel planes could be a little better. Strong neck. Angulation good, front & back. Ribs & body correct for age. Good bone. Level back. Very good coat texture. Moved well. Should grow on well.

Post Grad Dog ; 3(0) 1. Dunn – GELLIRON MACSAN – Strongly built but rangy. Head balanced. Appearance of too much stop because of hair.

Muzzle strong & deep. Flat skull. Good dentition. Fore chest good.

Deep ribs. Very good bone. Croup & tail set on ‘appears’ incorrect, again because of hair. Covered the ground well, holding top line. 2.

Jones – ACHLIET DAFYDD – More compact than 1. Nice type. Skull broad & flat but a little too deep in stop. Muzzle good. Very good body depth & strength with good height to length balance. Unfortunately roached & rolled on the move. Front movement good. Erratic hind movement. Coat well presented. 3. – Nethercott – MON CHER EL NINO – Good height to length of body. Head proportions ok. Well- shaped dark eye. Good expression. Chest good. Depth of ribs good. Roaches & falls away badly at croup. Over angulated in rear.

Limit Dog

Limit Dog; 6 (0) 1. Pilsbury – NIKOLAEV TARIQ – Excellent type, top size but so well balanced. Presenting excellent square outline. Superb male head with parallel planes. Correct stop. Ear set & eyes good.

Flat skull with well filled muzzle. Strong neck into well laid shoulder. Broad back flowing into correct croup. Deep, well sprung ribs. Short loin. Correct hind angulation with good bone. One of the best coats on the day. Harsh top coat with correct amount of undercoat. Presented to advantage. Moved around with ease keeping level backline. Little close behind. 2. Litvinenko – HIT ALIVET POTAP – Top size of good type. Head proportions good but could be a little stronger in muzzle for width of skull. Well bodied with good bone. Top line & under line good. Little over angulated in rear. Coat soft but typically presented. Went well around the ring. A little untidy in the rear. 3. Lowry – MON CHER CHIMAERA – Very nice for type & size. Head correct but should be larger for body size. Needs more neck for correct balance. Very good body proportions with level back. Good chest, neck & ribs. Very good presentation. Movement very good.

Open Dog

Open Dog; 10 (1) 1. Bruintjes-Schaap – Ned CH LAROZ UNIQUE V/D

VANENBLIKHOEVE- Beautiful type. Outstanding outline. Correct size.

Masculine & well balanced. Strong bone all through. Superb top line & underline. Beautifully chiselled head with flat skull and balanced strong muzzle, filled in under the eye. Good underjaw. Parallel planes. Well placed ears, excellent eye giving forbidding expression.

Full, strong dentition with darkest of pigment in mouth. Excellent neck, forehand & shoulder. Compact, firm body. Broad croup.

Well-muscled hind quarters. In top condition. A joy to put your hands on. First class, harsh coat, presented superbly. On his toes constantly. Moved well. Loved him. CC. Best Dog. BOB. Wonderful to see him shortlisted in the Group. 2. Zwoferink – FREEDOM FROM THE DOGSFARM – Superb exhibit, of different type than 1. Masculine & well balanced.

Excellent, broad, flat skull but would prefer a little more strength in muzzle to balance. Correct parallel planes. Forbidding expression.

Superb neck flowing into firm top line. Excellent total construction & substance. Longer cast than 1. Well angulated hind quarters which he used to advantage on the move. Lovely easy, powerful movement around the ring. Presentation & handling, first class. A close decision. Res CC 3. Zwofferink & Iske – Ned/Ger CH HARDEY FROM THE DOGSFARM – Very well presented dog. Would prefer a slightly larger head to balance with body. Excellent flat skull with well-set ears. Lovely dark eye.

Correct parallel planes. Needs a stronger muzzle for balance to width of skull. Super neck into excellent shoulder. Very good fore- chest.

Good body & bone. Well angulated rear end. Moved exceptionally well, holding top line.

Good Citizen Dog

Good Citizen Dog; 1. Jones – ACHLEIT DAFYDD.


Veteran Bitch; 1. Simmons – NIKOLAEV URSA SHCM – Ten years old & in superb condition. Very good type. Cobby & feminine. Very good skull & foreface. Super shoulder & front. Strong back with good ribs. Low hocks. Used her correctly angulated hind quarters to propel her around the ring like a bitch half her age. Well presented & handled.

Puppy Bitch

Puppy Bitch; 3 (0) 1. Nichols – NIKOLAEV CERSEI – Lovely type. Great maturity for her age. Excellent balance. Well- developed head with correct planes & proportions. Arched neck into nicely angulated shoulders. Super chest and well ribbed. Great bone & body. Well- muscled hind quarters. Strong top line. Very good croup. Quality coat.

Excellent presentation. Moved extremely well. Unlucky to meet her handsome brother for best puppy challenge. Surely destined for the top. 2. Jones – NIKOLAEV OSHA – More compact litter sister to 1st and of equal quality. However at this stage not quite as together or mature. Has a little more length of leg & shorter back. Super coat coming through. Moved out well but not as much control of her power as yet as her brother & sister. Lively temperament with a cheeky glint in her eye. Must also have a great future. 3. Kemperman – MONCHER CHAMBORD – Good type with very good body proportions. Feminine head that needs to grow on to balance with her body. Excellent ribs with strong bone. Very good hindquarters. Reluctant show girl today but tried for her handler. Sweet temperament.

Spec Jnr Bitch

Spec Jnr Bitch; 1 1. McKenna & Sykes – PEARL UNIQUE V/D VANENBLIKHOEVE – Beautiful young bitch. So feminine yet plenty of strength there.

Lovely balance. Excellent feminine head with lovely eyes & expression.

Good dentition. Slightly arched neck into correctly angulated shoulders & flowing top line. Sufficiently short loin. Excellent ribs, body and condition. Beautifully presented quality coat. Travelled round with a good stride producing easy powerful movement. One more waiting in the wings.

P Grad Bitch

P Grad Bitch; 5 (0) 1. Hollegien-Steenbergen – VANYAH YENNAH V/H BOEFFIES HOME – Lovely type. Feminine & balanced all through. Pretty head in correct proportions. Lovely expression from well- shaped dark eyes. Flowing top line & good underline. Excellent length of leg to body depth & length, giving cobby outline. Strong back. Sufficient body & bone. Very good croup & nicely modelled hind quarters. Well- presented. Moved very well around & to & fro. Good parallel hocks & excellent fore hand. 2. Nichols – NIKOLAEV EVANGELINE – Larger bitch than 1. Standing foursquare. Excellent for type & balance. Strong head & muzzle. Well off for body & bone. Excellent shoulder & hind angulation. Level back, held on the move. Used her hocks well. A bit untidy in front movement at times. Excellent jacket with harsh top coat & good undercoat. Well presented. 3. Zwofferink – HANDSOME FROM THE DOGSFARM – Feminine with strength & of good size. Excellent head planes with good foreface. Beautiful expression. Lovely neck into well angulated shoulders. Body deep & well ribbed. Not quite as balanced as

1 & 2. Back could be stronger which showed on the move as she tended to dip in top line. Excellent hind quarters with low hocks. Moved around the ring very well.

Limit Bitch

Limit Bitch; 1. Everill. ALSADIE LYDIA AT AVICE – Very good type.

Excellent, compact body. Balanced, feminine head with good broad skull & muzzle strength. Head planes could be better. Lovely dark expressive eyes. Great forehand with excellent fore-chest. Ribs well sprung. Firm back. Short loin. Croup could be better but excellent hindquarters.

Very well presented. Coat a little soft. Moved extremely well round & coming & going.

Open Bitch

Open Bitch; 6 (0) 1. Burnett – IRISH CH LUIK FANCY NANCY AT MONCHER – Excellent bitch of compact type. Presenting super outline. Excellent over & underline. Feminine head with good parallel planes. Well placed eyes giving formidable expression. Flat skull, correct stop, balanced muzzle. Good dentition & pigment. Fabulous neck into well placed shoulder. Excellent fore chest. Good rib cage with correct depth.

Short, strong loin. Well modelled hind quarters used on the move, providing easy, powerful strides. Held top-line on the move. Coat presented perfectly giving correct texture & outline without being ‘overdone’. Handled very well to win the class & the CC in sizzling competition. CC. Best Bitch 2. Bruintjes-Schaap – FUNNY LOES V/D VANENBLIKHOEVE – Top class, mature bitch of excellent type. Well balanced with plenty of body & bone. Excellent head with super flat skull & strong jaw. Super neck, front & shoulder. Strong level back with good underline. Hard body condition. Excellent croup. Longer cast than 1. Coat texture correct. Moved very well. Presentation top class.

Res CC 3. Loginov – HIT ALIVET VALKYRIA – Beautiful, compact type. Not quite as mature as 1 & 2. Very good bone. Excellent head with correct proportions. Good dentition. Well placed neck. Good chest. Excellent top line. Good deep ribs with short loin & excellent croup. Hind angulation good. A very soft, big, fluffy coat. Her obvious quality & excellent movement won her this place.